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Who is Mr. Diggs? A conversation with CoServ's resident mascot

Although he has been the mascot of CoServ Gas for nearly a decade, surprisingly little has been known about Mr. Diggs until recently. In this sitdown interview, I sought to learn what makes the hardworking armadillo tick.

Seven tips in eight minutes* to combat the dreaded summer energy bill

You’ve probably heard about setting your thermostat to 78 degrees a time or two already, so we’ll go ahead and bypass that suggestion for this particular list. However, in keeping with the spirit of good ole’ ’78, we’ll call this “seven tips in eight minutes to combat the dreaded summer energy bill.

The Co-op Advantage

CoServ is one of the only co-ops in the country that shares a market with deregulated utilities, so we know our Members see plenty of advertisements for Retail Electric Providers throughout the year. What they may not know about "free nights and weekends," however, is the catch hidden in the fine print. Allow us to explain the co-op advantage

What you didn't know about the CoServ Annual Meeting

The CoServ Annual Meeting is fast approaching and that means CoServ Members will have the opportunity to use their collective voice to elect the Board Members who will represent them for the next four years. While you might have already known that, we're willing to bet you didn’t know these facts about the CoServ Annual Meeting!

With blood reserves critically low, CoServ prepares to lend a helping hand (and arm)

The American Red Cross announced in January that blood reserves were at their lowest point in 10 years. With fewer blood drives and volunteers due to the pandemic, the situation has become desperate. CoServ and the Lake Cities Chamber of Commerce are ready to do their part with a helping hand (and arm).

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